Name: Demetrios GeorgeĀ 
Location: Costa Mesa, California
Favourite Kizer frame: Right now I like the Slimline because it truly holds up to a beating, is very lightweight and along with a nice spacing for the middle wheels so you can avoid sticking on those grinds, the wheel height can also be adjusted with the spacers and bolts which helps when your wheels wear down or if you want larger profile wheels without affecting your ride height.


Name: Nick Lomax
Location: Manchester UK
Favourite Kizer Frame: Fluids - Best frame I ever skated - Long lasting and perfect grooves. I have always skated the Fluid frame and never needed to change.


Name: Richie Eisler
City: Barcelona
Favourite Kizer Frame: Fluids, because they're strong and simple.


Name: Dustin Werbeski
City: Barcelona
Favourite Kizer Frame: The Powerblade frame easily gives me the most pleasure from skating at the moment. It's a totally different world on them. One that rolls by much faster, and is full of once thought to be impossible spots. Their speed, control and new trick abilities, are more then enough reasons for me to dig.


Name: Jeph Howard
City: Uptown Minneapolis, Minnesota
Favourite Kizer Frame: Fluid. Simple yet really good frame.