Kizer Level II

The KIZER Level II Frames are for those who want to have high grindability. The KIZER Level 2 frame has been re-designed to a new shape, the material is now stiffer for more stability. The maximum wheel size is lowered to 76mm. The space between the 2nd and 3rd wheel is filled with a grindblock including groove. This makes grinding much easier compared to other Powerblading frames. The frame has angled walls to allow sharp turns while the h-block provides the perfect depth to combine with any aggressive soulplate. If you like going fast, but don't want to sacrifice grinding, this is the perfect frame for you.

The KIZER Level II Powerblading frame is only available in one size - it fits to all skate sizes. And of course it features UFS what means you easily can mount this frame!Kizer

Max Wheel size 76mm
UFS – One size.

Kizer – Everyone's Framed


  • powerblading_level2_white

    Kizer Level II White PB

    Max Wheel size 76mm | UFS – One size

  • powerblading_level2

    Kizer Level II Black PB

    Max Wheel size 76mm | UFS – One size